How to Make a Website in Less Than 8 Minutes

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Getting your own website set up can be confusing for newbies. That's why I've created this step-by-step guide that shows exactly how to make your own site in 8 minutes or less. To be fair, the first time you create your own website using wordpress, it may actually take you a bit longer. But if you follow the steps in this video, it will be pretty easy for you to do.

The first step to creating a wordpress site from scratch is registering the domain through a domain registrar. Many people make the mistake of registering their domain through their hosting account. The problem with getting a domain name through Hostgator, Bluehost, Host Monster, ect, is that the hosting company will actually own your domain. This can make it really challenging to move the domain or transer it later on.

Even though HostGator is an exceptionally trustworthy website host. In fact, it's my favourite place to host websites. It's simply not good sense to rely to heavily on a single third party service. By separating domain registration and hosting, you will as safely as possible have complete control over your business.

The next step in making a website for dummies is setting up hosting with HostGator. There are a few web hosting options out there, but HostGator is the best one I've used. Customer service is excellent, prices are affordable, and speed is fantastic. Make sure you select the Baby plan in order to get hosting for unlimited domains.

Then we're ready to set up wordpress for our website. This is really easy to do inside your hosting c-panel. The video will show you exactly what you need to do.

Finally… We just need to pick a free wordpress theme for our site, and we'll be ready to rock.

That's it… That's how to create a wordpress blog quickly and easily. Hope you enjoyed it!!


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