How to Create a Facebook Fan Page (in 3 Mins or Less)

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Getting a Facebook Fan Page set up is one of the easiest ways to add free traffic and branding to your business.

Furthermore, Facebook will give you advertising discounts to send paid traffic to your Fan Page instead of your website. So this is a great way to maximize your ROI on ad spend as well.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page from scratch is actually not that hard at all. In fact, Facebook even does a pretty decent job of guiding you through the entire process.

After you figure out how to build a Facebook Fan Page, I've also included a few tips that will improve the professionalism and conversion rate of your page.

One of the major tips I cover is how to create a Facebook Landing Page that's actually integrated into your Fan Page. This is also pretty darn easy to do, and will enable you to collect some free leads from your Facebook traffic.

Hope you enjoy it!! 🙂

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