Cashjuice – How to Get Traffic for Free



Hello Everyone ! 

Today, i would like to introduce you a free great platform that has the potential to boost your online business.


We all know it’s hard to start a new business from scratch, this platform is a good solution to go in the right direction.


The first thing to do after you have signed-up is to follow the simple steps in the plan to setup your advertising funnel.

Tips : Make sure to add a profile picture and write something about you in your bio, it’s important to show people who you are and what you can provide to them. 



This is the place where you could interact with the other members and build your own audience. Write posts to promote your businesses, show pictures from your daily life activities… You can follow, comment, like other people’s posts like the other social media websites.






After you setup your funnel, you have access to other free traffic sources to promote your business and get referrals in cashjuice.

It’s a very important part for your business, without traffic, no results. It’s like a car without fuel, it doesn’t  work.


There is also an interesting feature called Post Rotator

You can choose a post you wrote to promote your business or affiliate products and show it to the members. Setup Geo targeted countries, language…

You earn post rotator credits everytime you watch other people’s posts inside the rotator. These credits are used to promote your posts. 

campaign post




post rotator

Earn Money


Tip : I advise you to get the upgrade as soon as you can to unlock all the features of cashjuice.


There is a referral program with 2 streams of income.


When your referrals purchase the upgrades.

The second one is from your own activity on the platform and also from your referrals and downline activity.


You can also are compare your results with the other members on the “league” position. Your position is calculated with different stats (number of hits on your referral link, followers, referrals). 




A community of people who has a common goal, be successful.


I highly recommend you this website even if you are a beginner or advanced marketers who wish to boost their results.

You will learn from other people’s success, build your audience, promote your businesses and more.


I hope you liked my review.

Wish you Success, love and prosperity in your life


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