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I take to make $2,000/month on YouTube.

Growing a YouTube channel from scratch is not as difficult as you may think. A good quality video will do half the work for you.

However, there are some little tricks of the trade to know before pressing the "publish" button.

You need to do your research beforehand. Make sure that you publish a vid that will actually get watched.

I share my top two ways of doing that in the video. One of which is more advanced, and worth knowing about.

Then you really need to focus on getting the click. Did you know that the CTR of your video is a factor in the YouTube algorithm.

If you did know that, then you'll understand the power of a "click-worthy" custom thumbnail.

I actually teach you in this video a free and a cheap way to create a youtube thumbnail that gets clicks.

The headline is also important, and I'll give away an important secret for that as well.

By the time you complete the video, you'll know everything that I know about being a youtube publisher.

Hope you enjoy it!

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