This Is How You Write A Good Blog Post

A well-written blog post is similar to a good handshake; it helps to convey professionalism and not only that it promotes trust and encourages the other person to get engaged. Copywriting for webpages is an art, one, which can quickly be learned. Here is a simple checklist that can help you:

What comes first?

> Adding statistics
> Adding research data
> Adding case studies
> Adding testimonials etc.

Prevent the use of corporate speak, Jargon and bureaucratic Hype. All of these might be difficult to understand.

> Get vs. obtain
> Help vs. facilitate
> Rid vs. eliminate

More Tips

  • Headline
  • Introduction
  • Body (divided by subheadings)
  • Conclusion

> Using short paragraphs with a lot of white space around them.
> Go on to bold anything that is important.
> Use a bullet point list to state your claims and statements.

see how you do that here.

A Good Headline is Very Important

Start off with a title don’t just start writing a blog post unless you have the exact title.

Eight out of ten people will read your headline but only two out of ten will click through and read the rest of your article doesn’t matter how amazing blog posts you write, if you don’t write a good headline no one’s gonna read the rest of your posts.

How to and list based headlines are evergreen, I use “This Is How You Write a Good Blog Post” as my headline for this blog post, “10 tips for writing a good blog post” would be the list based version.


After your headline comes your introduction. Don’t make your introduction to long, it should just be a few sentences telling people what they will learn from your blog post, try to get them hooked on your article.

I always use bolded and italic H3 paragraph for my introduction, it grabs the reader’s attention.

The Body

Now that we got the introduction done let’s get into the body of your blog post.

Keep in mind your content should be easy to skim, if people can’t skim it, you’re not gonna do well. In your body use subheadings and keep your paragraphs around five to six lines max.

Write in the same way as you would write a letter to a good friend and use images in your post.

Your Conclusion

Last but not least you want to wrap up your post with a conclusion. The conclusion summarizes what your post was about, and you should end your conclusion with a question. Ending with a question, more people are likely to leave a comment.


It will not make you a great writer if you follow this guide, only one thing will make you a great writer, that’s practice. Every blog post you publish will make you a better writer, so don’t give up if your first articles aren’t that great.

What this guide will give you is a proven template for your blog posts, and some tips and tricks that can give you that extra edge.

Use this template for your blog posts and fill in the blanks with great content, this is how you write a good blog post.

Do you use another template for your blog posts, or do you think there’s something missing in this guide? then let me know in the comments below.

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