This Is How You Get More Affiliate Commissions

There will be people who are interested in the product you promote. But they’re on the fence, they want more information about the product before they decide to buy.

How do you push them over to your side of the fence?

You do that with review articles.

It is time for you to learn the steps on how to write simple and effective reviews that help generates those extra affiliate commission!

To put it simply, you need a review article. Without it, is like a Jedi without its Force, Hulk without its Smash… well you get the point. Its main purpose is to introduce the features and benefits of the product. Ask yourself, what’s a Jedi without its Force? That is one of the key point of being a Jedi, right?

That is why the product you are promoting need the exact same thing. You need a review article to be added into the one-page affiliate website to present both benefits and features.

As an affiliate, you should focus more on the benefits. Features of the product are equally important of course, but benefits are what most people sought for in a product. They would react more to positivity. Who wouldn’t?

To get access to the review article, you need to get the review access from the product vendor of course. I’m pretty sure most of us here have our own favorite vendors and getting a review article is just an email away. That’s great!

But always remember, you are a Risk-Taker.

Should the time come for you to earn more than what your usual vendor is offering you, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Get to know other successful vendors who are waiting to share with you their profit over your amazing promotion skills!

Get to know your vendor. Email them about your intention and how you want to learn about the product before writing your review article. That’s right.

Learn about the product. How many of us here, as affiliate, actually learn about the product first before writing the review article?

You should contact the product vendor for all the necessary information. Ask for a ‘review copy’ or ‘full access’ to the product – this is the alternative way to get access to the product.

From JVZoo, or whatever marketplace you’re using, choose the product that you want to promote and click on ‘Affiliate Details’. or something similar. The vendor will tell you what to do should you need information regarding the product for the review article.

Writing The Review Article

Honestly, how many of us here actually take this seriously? You may not realize it at first, but a good review article can increase the conversion rate. That’s right, review articles help increase the purchase rate through affiliate links!

Step 1;

The key is to just keep it simple. Keep it within 300 to 500 words. Your review article should not exceed 500 words, because anything more than that will no thold the attention span of your readers.

Step 2;

Write it in the conversational form – a “me-to-you message”. You don’t have to be formal, make it more personal and friendly.

What’s more, there’s only two important points you should write for a review article – the pros and cons of the product. Be concise and straight to the point.

Step 3;

Additionally, you can insert the photos or screenshots of the products. For physical products, you can show different angles and measurement of the product. Once your vendor sees that you are putting in effort to promote their product, you can hear the distant sound of extra commission knocking your doors.

That is why, I won’t stop there if I were you.

Step 4;

Insert your promotional video in your article. Upload it to YouTube to get a permanent link in case you need to use it for other related promotional sites.

As for physical product, you can make a demonstration video of the product to your prospect.

Step 5;

Setup your own site or page to upload your review writing and insert the affiliate link. As I’ve showed you earlier, WordPress is the easiest way to do this.

You don’t need any programming knowledge to utilize WordPress.

I mean ,even a novice can create a good site using WordPress and its existing layout.

Remember to host it with your own server; don’t use free blog such as Register your own domain and server. The examples
of domain name, such as,, or

If you’re good at this, then the sky is the limit.

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