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How to Create Your Own Website

Get your FREE Downloads here: http://www.brendanmace.com/?go=1&c=giveaway This is the first video of a series on creating a website from scratch. You will learn how to set up a WordPress site the right way, to be able to cash in for years to come. The best way to set up a website is to get a third party hosting service. There are free website hosting options out there, but there are some serious problems with getting a free wordpress site. The most crucial problem is that you can't […]

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How to Make a Website for FREE

http://brendanmace.com/?go=1&c=getasite — The EASY way to create a website for free in under 20 minutes. Listen guys. There's lots of us that put off building a website because we think it's too difficult. WRONG. You can set up a professional looking site in the next 20 minutes, and it doesn't even have to cost you anything. Seriously, in less than 10 minutes, you'll see how to make a website: http://brendanmace.wixsite.com/traveltothailand If you have any questions on making a website for free, hit me up in the comment […]

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