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How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

how to increase traffic to your website

There are some kind of blog posts that attract lots of visitors to your blog. One evergreen popular type of blog post is a listed post and that’s the topic for this article, but we’ll talk about how to write a listed post “with a twist” One of the most shared blog posts is a Listicle post – one that is organized in list format. People love listed posts. For instance, look at how David Letterman’s top ten list always got viral traction. However, we will not […]

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This Is How You Write A Good Blog Post

write a good blog post

A well-written blog post is similar to a good handshake; it helps to convey professionalism and not only that it promotes trust and encourages the other person to get engaged. Copywriting for webpages is an art, one, which can quickly be learned. Here is a simple checklist that can help you: What comes first? Choose the subject for your blog post and do the research that’s necessary. Do a keyword research and find a keyword phrase for your blog post. Choose a keyword that can generate a […]

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How to Get More Traffic to a Blog by Using Basic SEO

how to get more traffic to a blog

Traffic Methods You have free traffic, mainly from search engines and social media sites, and then you have paid traffic, I’ll just mention a few of them. Facebook ads, Youtube ads, Google ads, Bing ads are probably the most well known paid traffic sources on the internet, and you can get all the traffic you need from them if you have enough money. The challenge with paid traffic is to get a positive ROI (return of investment) If you pay $500 for x amount of clicks and […]

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What Is A Blog? And Should You Have One?

what is a blog

What is a Blog? A silly question isn’t it? Because you’re reading a blog post on a blog right now. What I mean with the question “what is a blog” is what is the purpose of a blog, why should you consider having one? Why Blog Posts? Blog posts are another great type of content it can be very beneficial to challenge yourself to create. They’re generally shorter than articles (though not always) and are often more reflective of your personality and branding. With that said, there […]

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How To 3X Your Commissions

Now, be ready and open your mind for new possibilities. At this moment, when you are doing affiliate marketing, you are in a competition with other affiliates selling the same products and use the same methods. Isn’t it hard to get an edge by being unique and different from other affiliates? Or convince people to purchase your product rather than from them? Being prepared for your promotion or the product launch you are advertising is the single most important aspect of having a successful affiliate marketing business. […]

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This Is How You Get More Affiliate Commissions


There will be people who are interested in the product you promote. But they’re on the fence, they want more information about the product before they decide to buy. How do you push them over to your side of the fence? You do that with review articles. It is time for you to learn the steps on how to write simple and effective reviews that help generates those extra affiliate commission! To put it simply, you need a review article. Without it, is like a Jedi without […]

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This Is How You Become A Super Affiliate

Super Affiliate

And the Super Affiliate is you! If, you follow through the lesson I’m about to lay down in this section of course. So, what exactly is this ‘Super Affiliate’? No, it doesn’t involve in getting bitten by a radioactive affiliate or become one with the Force through extreme training. It’s a next-level affiliate who earn his highest earnings! Fact is, no affiliates will earn the same amount of commission and payout. The exact number of sales of a product is unpredictable, which means the exact commissions earned […]

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Buying Psychology: Understanding Why People Buy eBooks

Selling an eBook can potentially be a highly lucrative way to make money. In fact, there are many examples of people making thousands of dollars by selling digital products and even millions. In some cases an eBook can sell for over a hundred dollars and the cost for online seminars can soar into the thousands. But when you really think about it, this makes very little sense. Why would someone be willing to spend $30 or $100 on an eBook when that same information is most likely […]

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Open Your Business Faster With The Small Niche Business Model

When it comes to earning money online as a marketer, most people go wrong in exactly the same place. That crucial error? Their ambition. Unfortunately, too much ambition is very commonly the downfall of many online businesses and marketers which essentially causes them to bite off more than they can chew and then give up too easily. Instead of aiming to become rich or change the world, it makes much more sense to start off small. Aim to accomplish something small first and then build on each […]

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How to Write Persuasive Copy for Your Landing Page

Writing persuasive copy for a landing page is one of the most important skills you can develop as a digital marketer whether you’re planning on selling a digital information product, or you’re working as an affiliate. Essentially, the copy on this page is intended to demonstrate why the product you’re selling is high value and what it is about it that should make your potential buyers excited. You want to take them from never having heard of your product before to becoming paying customers (called converting). It’s […]

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